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Sheffield stands with Sinage

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This stand will accommodate two bikes.

They  offer higher security cycle storage as the user can lock the wheel and frame to the stand using their own D-lock or chain etc.



  • Available ragged for casting in to the ground or flanged for bolting down.
  • 48.3mm overall diameter.
  • Wall thickness 3.25mm.
  • Ragged versions 300mm below ground.
  • Flanged versions require 3 n/o 12mm bolts per flange
  • Height above ground 750mm, length overall 750m


Mild steel and stainless steel flanged versions, a suitable surface, preferably concrete, should already exist for drilling into and bolting down. For ragged ends a concrete foundation approx. 300mm cube is recommended, depending on ground conditions.
When positioned adjacent to one another, stands should be around 800mm apart and around 450mm from any wall or other obstruction.

  • Bolts are available extra.
  • Mild steel galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 (1999).
  • Stainless steel is grade 304 as standard.
  • Grade 316 stainless as an Option


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