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Public Maintenance Station

  • Facilitates bicycle repair and maintenance
  • Available in galvanised and powder coated finishes
  • Robust design to resist vandalism and wear
  • Supplied with 8 common bicycle tools on aircraft cables
  • Top-mounted 160 psi gauge with anti-vandal cover
  • Surface mounted / overground fix
  • Nationwide installation available


  • Our Public Maintenance Station provides end users with an all-in-one bicycle maintenance and repair facility that is truly accessible.
  • Manufactured from high quality galvanised and powder coated steel, it provides convenience in a sturdy yet compact package.
  • The Public Maintenance Stand features a robust steel housing which contains both a bike pump and a built-in maintenance stand with 8 common bicycle tools. These tools are secured to the stand using steel aircraft cable and users can hang their bicycle by the saddle while maintenance is undertaken.
  • This product is surface mounted and is fully secure, with access available for maintenance or repair through hinged access panels.


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